The Lichnice Castle

The Lichnice Castle


Podhradí, 538 43 Třemošnice, Czech republic

Telephone: +420 724 179 933


Opening Hours

April – October: Sat - Sun: 10 am - 5 pm

May – September: Tue - Sun: 10 am - 5 pm


Historical sights, an observation point


The Lichnice Castle

The castle was built by Smil of Zittau around 1250. It towers above Třemošnice on the strategically located Světlík Hill in the Iron Mountains. In 1410, it became a royal castle, because it was bought by King Wenceslas IV. In 1610, Lichnice burnt down and it was then fully demolished after the end of the Thirty Years War by order of Ferdinand III. As such, the castle became a source of cheap stone for the construction of the village houses. The castle ruins and the small exhibition dedicated to its history and owners are the last monuments to this once great seat of the Lichtenberg family. The lookout tower on the castle, which was erected prior to the 2017 season, offers a nice view of the environs. Visitors climb to the top, which towers above the battlements, up a winding wooden staircase which twists around a single column. The view of the countryside quickly shows why the ancient builders chose this site for the castle. There is an enthralling view of the distant countryside.

The castle is officially open from May to October, but it is always possible to walk along the path which passes its gates and the castle can be viewed from afar at any time.