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Castles and chateaux have the magical ability to take us back into history and allow us to view a time long since passed. A time when aristocratic houses inhabited the massive walls of these majestic structures, when knights endeavoured to win the hearts of their beloved and when these structures dominated the region.

East Bohemia is home to a wide range of historically significant castles and chateaux which it is possible to visit and where visitors can learn more about the remote past or hear the many legends which still abound at these places. A number of interesting exhibitions have been prepared for visitors in addition to the accompanying programs which take place at many castles and chateaux and which help these settings for ancient stories come to life.

     Zámek Potštejn            2_zamek_pardubice_53           8_zamek_lanskroun_1

    Opočno Chateau                                                        Pardubice Castle                                             Lanškroun Chateau


When travelling around East Bohemia, you can visit and admire a number of castles and chateaux which are architectural gems. The pearl of the renaissance that is the Litomyšl Castle should not escape your attention. The castle’s exterior walls have been decorated with sgraffito and with figural scenes on the facades. It is also the venue for the annual Smetana’s Litomyšl classical music festival. The château in Moravská Třebová is also often ranked as one of the most significant renaissance monuments in Europe. The renaissance château in Opočno, which is surrounded by a natural landscape park, is also worth visiting. Yet another renaissance structure in East Bohemia is the Pardubice Castle which is considered to be unique in Europe due to its area and position. The Kunětická hora Castle, which is the dominant feature of the entire Elbe area, also belongs to Pardubice. The massive walls of the Lichnice Castle tower above Třemošnice. Svojanov Castle, which lies in a beautiful area and is shrouded in a number of legends, is one of the oldest royal castles in this country. Elegance and beautiful horses can be found in Kladruby nad Labem, where the château is also the national stud, one of the oldest in the world and home to the Kladruber horse. If you are interested in the baroque, be sure to visit the Potštejn Château, where you can also take an unconventional château tour and walk through the romantic rose garden. The ruins of Potštejn Castle, which lie on a forested knoll, are the dominant feature of the lower Eagle Mountains area. Yet another baroque château can be found in Rychnov nad Kněžnou in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains. It is one of the most expansive baroque complexes in this country.

However, this is by no means everything, so follow us on a tour of the castles and chateaux of East Bohemia and discover places where history has been written and ancient stories are still told.

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          Litice Castle                                                          Svojanov Castle                                                   Kunětnická hora Castle