The Lanškroun Château

The Lanškroun Château


Lanškroun Municipal Museum - Městské muzeum Lanškroun

Nám. A. Jiráska 1 - zámek

563 01 Lanškroun

Telephone: +420 465 324 328



Opening Hours
In accordance with a government resolution, the building is closed from 12 October 2020 until further notice.

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 - 11:30, 13:00 - 16:00

Saturday-Sunday: 13:00 - 17:00

The museum is closed during the installations of new exhibitions and on public holidays (except for Christmas).


Sights, museum, gallery, souvenirs.


The Lanškroun Château

Lanškroun Chateau is situated in Alois Jirásek Square. It was originally an Augustinian monastery, which was burnt down during the Hussite wars. The building was recognised as a “chateau” since the beginning of the 16th century, when it was bought by the Pernštejn House. They sold the residence to the Hrzán of Harasov family. The Hrzáns carried out an extensive Renaissance repair. Over the centuries, the chateau underwent numerous additional reconstructions, during which it changed its appearance significantly. By the 19th century, it had served as mere administration offices for the Lanškroun estate, though. The chateau has been in the possession of the Town Hall since 1928 and we can find the Municipal Museum in its building today. You can explore the Lanškroun History exposition here, where you can also find information on many prominent natives of Lanškroun. The Imperial Room commemorates the imperial manoeuvres of the Austro-Hungarian army executed in the vicinity of Lanškroun back in 1894 with the participation of Franz Joseph I himself. You will also learn about glassmaking on the Bohemia and Moravia border or about the music composer and conductor Jindřich Praveček. Coins and medals created by Zdeněk Kolářský and ceramic sculptures by Lubomír Šilar have their place in the museum, too. You will also find an extensive collection of Christmas cribs here that will enchant all generations - the annually enlarged wooden Bethlehem scene, the ceramic nativity scenes, or the paper ones from Ústí nad Orlicí and Králíky. If you want to experience a genuine carnival whirl, come and visit the chateau in Lanškroun in March when the traditional Mardi Grass parades and festivities are taking place here.