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East Bohemia is an area which combines beautiful nature, significant historical monuments, cultural events and many opportunities for sports. Everybody who comes to this picturesque region will be sure to find a favourite place or activity from the wide range available?

Enjoy the beautiful countryside

The East Bohemian Elbe area is a flat landscape which is tailor-made for cycling or hiking. During your travels, you can cool off in a number of fishponds or rest your tired feet in a river. When cycling, you can ride, for example, along the European long-distance cycling route which is the Elbe Cycle Route. The Elbe Cycle Route does not always follow the river, but it occasionally turns away from it and twists among meadows, forests or rock formations, so that it can then return to the river. You will not only be surrounded by wonderful natural scenery, but will also come across many monuments and architectural gems. However, there are also a number of other cycle routes in the Czech Republic and you can, of course, set off on shorter routes which will take you to many beautiful places.

Are you interested in mountain treks or rushing along the skiing trails? Then head to the Eagle Mountains where you will be rewarded with breath-taking views, beautiful nature and a wide range of interesting hiking or cycling routes. One of the most visited places in East Bohemia is Dolní Morava, a municipality lying at the foot of Králický Sněžník. You can head up the 55 m Sky Walk there and enjoy exceptional views of the mountain peaks.

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For lovers of monuments and history

East Bohemia also has something to offer history lovers. The region is strewn with a number of castles, châteaux and historically significant areas. The Litomyšl Castle, which is decorated with sgraffito and has been entered in the UNESCO list, is one of the most beautiful renaissance buildings in Europe. You should also visit the castle in Pardubice, which is combined with the East Bohemian Museum, as well as the nearby the Kunětická hora castle. Svojanov Castle, the Slatiňany Château and the Častolovice Castle are also excellent trip destinations. However, this is by no means everything. You can also visit nautre open-air museums, archaeological open-air museums, thematic museums or monuments associated with military history.

The sound of horses’ hooves

East Bohemia is also home to equine beauty and elegance. Pardubice even has a horse in its coat of arms and this is not by chance. East Bohemia is a paradise for horses and those who love them, which is no surprise as the oldest Czech horse breed, the Kladruber, also comes from the region. You can also visit the Švýcárna Museum with an exhibition on the history of Kladruber breeding in Slatiňany. The oldest steeplechase in Europe, the Grand Pardubice Steeplechase, is held in Pardubice every year.

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Popular events

A large number of events are held in East Bohemia. The most significant of these include the Smetana’s Litomyšl classical music festival which takes place every year in the unforgettable premises of the renaissance Litomyšl Castle. The Grand Pardubice Steeplechase (Velká pardubická) and the Golden Helmet (Zlatá přilba) speedway race are held in Pardubice every year. The Akce Cihelna is also worth mentioning. Other popular events include the Pochod přes tři hrady.